About Alexis Arraie

Who am I?

Darlin', I'm glad you asked:

I'm just a curly-headed Southern California girl with a free-spirit and a big dream.

I'm wild, a little outrageous (in the best way, I promise)... Being silly and witty is kind of my thing, you know, aside from taking photographs. I'm far from perfect - a curse word (or two) might slip here and there. Hopefully we can just laugh about it, because I just love making people laugh.

We will literally have the best time during your session or special event. That is my mission - for you to leave feeling happy and and fulfilled while also having understood that that you have gained a new friend in me.

I know how important photographs are, especially when they're all that you have left.

I started my photography journey as a child around the age of eight. playing with my parents' disposable cameras. Throughout my adolescence and my teenage years my passion only intensified -- but it wasn't until I lost my boyfriend and father in the same year (2013) that I realized that taking photographs was something I just HAD to do. All I could think was, "I should have taken more pictures."

Awarding people with their most precious moments to have and to cherish for the rest of their days... Giving people memories to look back on. To commemorate. To feel.

That is my dream.

It would be an absolute honor to serve you, and be a part of something so meaningful and everlasting.

Thank you.